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Get Ready: Know The Hidden Secret

Get Ready

Submitted by Bill Friis on January 16, 2007 – 3:55pm.

OK. A blog. Wonder what I will do here? Maybe one of those stream of consciousness things.

Spent the last few days looking over what everybody else has already done on EduIsland. Some good looking buildings and spaces there already. I really appreciate the folks who have not done anything yet, since that is pretty much what I have done. Makes me feel a little better.

My goal for the MSU lot is to give students the opportunity to create instructional media in a virtual space. Experiment. Learn. Hopefully chat with passing educators. Wander around and look at what other folks are up to. My students will be undergrads with zero experience at this kind of thing. I hope the neighbors will not be bothered by our lack of sophistication.

Indeed, welcome! Our

Indeed, welcome! Our Learning Community is just getting started, and I’m looking forward to getting to know all the EduIsland partners beyond the initial meeting!

Hope to see you around..

— Fleep Tuque

Chris Collins

UCit Instructional & Research Computing

University of Cincinnati

Go Montana!

Hey Bill!

Saw your posting and wanted to say “howdy, neighbor!”. I’m sure you and the rest of the BobCats will soon be scratching and clawing your way to all corners of EduIsland – no doubt. What a sight – special campus avatars are in line for our campuses, methinks. And any Ducks that you meet will be sure to greet you as a colleague… so as you don’t eat us when nobody else is lookin! 😉 we’re all part of a big Learning Circle here! Seriously, our students are welcome to speak with any of us from CATE or any of our students, anytime! Hopefully we can work on some project sometime together! ~ WainBrave Bernal

RL/Jonathon Richter

Center for Advanced Technology in Education

1244 Walnut St

Suite 205a

Eugene, OR 97403