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Educational Resources

Educational Resources

Submitted by Fleep Tuque on January 12, 2007 – 4:02pm.

Posted by Farley Scarborough on another listserv, and definitely worth repeating;

Second Life is a big place, though, with infinite possibilities. A one-hour
tour of Second Life, is like taking a one-hour tour of Paris.

If you are interested in learning more, you may want to flip through the
Second Life educator’s highlights for 2006, compiled by Jeremy Kemp:

If you are REALLY interested in learning more about educators’ experiences
in Second Life and want to keep abreast of everything education-related
happening there, join the very lively Second Life Educators’ (SLED) email

You might want to look at an article that was in Sunday’s New York

(Umm. Please ignore the “brawny, bare-chested figure” in the lead of that
article, though. It’s what comes after that paragraph that counts. *grins*)

Last but not least:

“101 uses for Second Life in the College Classroom” by Megan Conklin.
Written in 2005, it’s old by internet standards. But it lists discussion and
study topics that are timeless. You may want to skip down to page 10 to