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Contractor Safety Issues

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Recently while doing some research and trying to stay fresh up on all the new safety regulations I landed on a YouTube page that didn’t give me a great warm fuzzy feeling. Please take a look at the picture that I’ve attached because

I had to snap a picture with my telephone because it did make me laugh. As you can see the first couple of places that you’re looking at in YouTube are ads related to hospital bed storage and other demos talking about the importance of safety. It doesn’t feel very good to land on a page it shows a hospital bed when you’re looking for ways to remediate those types of problems.

Contractor Safety

If you are new to contractor safety and have been looking for some tips I can truly suggest getting on a contractor forum and making friends there as well. Safety for your employees is of the utmost importance as you read through the internet and look for different safety tips you will find that there are many tips but mostly back to just taking the amount of time that it does to do a job right and not taking short-cuts that jeopardize the safety of not only your employees but the individuals that are around them.

Let’s take for instance some very basic safety when it comes to getting on roofs. This past summer there has been an influx of damaged roofs due to severe weather throughout the Midwest and East. This has brought out a number of unqualified unskilled workers that do not understand safety as most of us do. With this it has brought an influx of injuries that have been fatal in some cases. Simple things like having harnesses attached and more importantly anchored correctly can avoid fatal Falls and deaths that could have been avoided. The roofing industry can be a very dangerous industry in that is why for every $100 nearly $18 of that profit goes directly to the insurance company to protect those individuals that are on those roofs.

With that number being said you can see how important to the bottom line it is to take the right steps and ensure everyone’s safety through proper training proper execution of those safety measures and standard operating proper execution of those safety measures and standard operating procedures. Austin with smaller companies the owner has to be the head cheerleader for safety by Always setting the right example. And for the heavy cost of workman’s comp, I wouldn’t know why they wouldn’t want to be. And larger companies have a tendency to have that safety assignment assigned to one particular person that is responsible for having those types of compliance conversations and meetings with employees.

However again that is not always the way that business gets done, however, the most important thing is that safety is considered at every turn when it comes to the roofing industry. The materials used in the roofing industry like asphalt shingles over time can be like standing on a slip and slide. Knowing what the risk is but being able to manage that risk is what it is about when it comes to the safety of contractors working in the roofing industry or any other industry that requires a level of skill and attention to be safe.